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Santaan Gopal Yantra

Santaan Gopal Yantra

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Santaan Gopal Yantra (Hanging)

Material: Brass and 3 D glass

Dimensions: 6 inches (H)

Weight: 550 Grams (Approx.)

This is a beautifully designed hanging 3 Dimensional Santaan Gopal Yantra made of Brass and glass dome. It contains the Santaan gopal Mantra which is dedicated to Lord Krishna who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Benefits of Santaan Gopal Yantra:

  1. This Santaan Gopal Yantra holds great importance to all the childless couples or women who experience frequent miscarriages.
  2. The Yantra is dedicated to Lord Krishna and the devotees seek their blessing by reciting the mantra written in it and hanging it in their worship place or homes.
  3.  This Yantra helps the expecting mother’s and even soothe their mind.
  4. Its importance and positive effect on the childless couples is clearly mentioned in Vedas like Harivansh Purana.

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