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Green Agate - Hakik Mala For Mercury (Budha) Planet And Healing

Green Agate - Hakik Mala for Mercury (Budha) planet and healing

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Green Hakik (agate) mala for Mercury (Budh) planet strengthening and healing

Agate or Hakik is a semi-precious gem and it is 108+1 bead pure Hakik Mala of green colour.

Benefits of Green Agate rosary ( Green Hakik Mala)

  • This Mala is helpful for strengthening the Budh Griha or the Mercury planet
  • Green Hakik helps in gaining prosperity and wealth
  • It is particulalry helpful for resolving any health issues like those of heart, lungs, liver and sinus
  • It is helpful in warding off negativity and helps in healing
  • It gives positive aura and gives hope and courage

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