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Fengshui Education Tower

Fengshui Education Tower – Medium size

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Fengshui Education Tower –

Medium size (4.5 Inches)

Education tower has a special significance in Fengshui in the educational field. The pagoda structure is very important in the Buddhist and Chinese cultures and signifies overall well-being. It is said to help children and education focussed individuals secure good grades if the Education Tower is placed on the study table. It can do wonders and help them perform well in the field of academics.

The tiers and the shape of the pagoda are unique and represent different aspects of life. You can use the education tower for health by placing it in the east, for new career opportunities in the north and for minatory luck and helpful friends in the north west.

Pagoda is a temple of knowledge, peace and silence. It is said that a person who is knowledgeable will stand firm like a mountain or pagoda and cannot be shaken by anything. Pagoda possesses the power to tame unruly minds and behaviour.

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