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Fengshui Dragon with Tortoise / Turtle for wealth

Fengshui Dragon with Tortoise / Turtle for wealth

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Feng shui Dragon with Tortoise / Turtle

Dimensions: 10 cm x 8 cm

Weight: 210 gms

 The dragon is associated with courage and good luck in Fengshui. Since tortoise live a long life, they are associated with longevity, wisdom and stability.


1) The dragon with coins in its feet and tortoise on its back is supposed to attract wealth in your home or business place.

2) It also helps in advancing the career

3) To bring protective postive energy against any external negative energies by virtue of dragon representing courage and protective power.


Placement: According to Fengshui, Dragon with tortoise should be placed in North or East direction in your home or 2 dragons could be placed in both the places.




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