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Blowing Shankh (Vamvarti Bajnewala) - Conch Shell

Blowing Shankh (Vamvarti Bajnewala) - Conch shell

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Vamavarti Shankh, Sangu (Blowing Conch shell)

Dimensions: 13 cms / 5 Inches - (Approx)

Vamvarti Shankh is a one among the nine objects that emerged during Samundra Manthan. It is said to represent Lord Kubera who is the custodian of wealth, hence keeping the Shankh is said to bring prosperity in the household.

The sound coming from the Shankh resembles the most auspicious sound in Hinduism which is "Om". This Shankh is used in all the Vedic Puja ceremonies and is blown multiple times when starting or ending the different parts of Puja ceremony.

Blowing of this Shankha removes negative energy from the house and makes the mind pure. 

Most importantly, blowing of Shankh has a scientific basis as well. Blowing this Shankh helps to inflate and deflate the lungs which helps in raising the stamina of lungs and clears the airway path of human body. 

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