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Black Agate - Hakik Mala For Shani Dosh

Black Agate - Hakik Mala for Shani Dosh

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Black Hakik (agate) mala for Shani dosh and protection from evil

Agate or Hakik is a semi-precious gem and it is 108+1 bead pure Hakik Mala.

Benefits of Black Agate rosary ( Black Hakik Mala)

  • This Mala is very beneficial for people who want to please Lord Shani or ward off ill effects of planet Saturn in their lives.
  • This Mala or rosary acts as a shield against any black magic or evil eye (Buri Nazar)
  • During bad times or in times of stress it generates a calming effect on the wearer.
  • It is supposed to give success in the competitions for job or education.
  • It also helps in relief for any Gynaecological problems and increased fertility.
  • It helps to develop positive attitude in life and in increasing will power

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