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Amethyst Mala - 108 beads

Amethyst Mala - 108 beads

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Amethyst Mala / Rosary - Jamunia / Kathela Mala (108 beads)

Number of beads - 108 + 1

This is an original Amethyst Mala, know as "Jamunia" in HIndi. 

Ruling planet: Shani / Saturn

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It has the ability of absorbing negative energy and emit positive energy. It is considered a stone of wisdom as it increases one’s psychic awareness. It is a stone of mind. It helps to bring calmness and clarity when there is anxiety and confusion. Amethyst is considered sacred to Buddha possibly due to its ability to activate and balance the 6th chakra.

Benefits of Amethyst Mala:-

  1. It cures impatience and balance high energy.
  2. It eliminates chaos, promote clarity and help to keep one grounded.
  3. It is used as protection for travelers.
  4. It is said to assist in healing alcoholism, compulsive behavior and addiction of all kinds.
  5. It brings stability, peace and strength.


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