RUDRAKSH: Origin, importance and benefits

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Rudraksh Benefits

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Etymological Meaning: Rudraksh (रूद्राक्ष) is a Sanskrit word consisting of the name Rudra ("Shiva, The Hindu Almighty") and Akṣha ("Teardrops from the Eyes"), Teardrops of lord Shiva eyes. Vedas describe that Lord Shiva was so hurt and sad due to the unrighteous behavior of Demon Tarkasur’s sons that tears shed from his eyes, taking a shape of a Rudraksh tree.

These fruits are also known as Amritphal (Fruits of Nectar), hence satisfying thirst. The Rudraksh fruit is blue in colour and it resembles a lot like blueberries, but it turns black when dried. The central hard seed may have 1 to 21 faces. There are 38 varieties of Rudraksh that grow primarily in Nepal, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The malas are strung in groups of 108 beads, with additional 109 bead also known as the guru bead. It is best to wear certified Rudraksh to ensure genuineness.

Proven Scientific/Religious Benefits of RUDRAKSH:

  • Rudraksh beads have Electromagnetic Properties which helps a person in reducing the stress, anxiety and high blood pressures levels in a body
  • Rudraksh facilitates meditation by keeping our mind and heart calm.
  • It improves circulation, function of endocrine glands and respiration in the body.
  • Rudraksh increases confidence in a person due to its Bioelectric stimulation effects.
  • Siva Purana’ states that wearing Rudraksh frees a soul from bad Karma and help attain his goals. Rudraksh beads benefit all the people who want success, happiness in life, family harmony, creativity, spiritual growth and ward of any negative forces in life.  It even resolves the problem of untimely death.
  • Skanda Purana’ states that even if one does not perform his/her religious duties, the Rudraksh will frees him/her from all sins.
  • Srimad Devi Bhagavatam’ says that One seeks benefit by simply looking or touching a Rudraksh. 
  • Padma Purana’ states that if a person wears Rudraksh on his/her body it will multiply the fruit of good actions a million times.

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  • I am interested in wearing rudraksh. Can u suggest me anapt one. My dob is 12.1.74. How can I believe whether it is original.

    Prabhakara Rao on

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