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Navgraha Yantra is a geometrical design consisting of nine squares representing all the nine astrological planets effecting our horoscope. The word Navgraha is a combination of two words ‘Nav’ meaning nine and ‘Graha’ meaning nine celestial planets. The Navgraha Yantra together acts positively on all the nine planets making it much easier for the worshipper and reducing the bad effects of these planets on our life. The nine astrological planets are: Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mercury (Budh), Mars (Mangal), Venus (Shukra), Saturn (Shani), Jupiter (Guru/Brihaspati), Rahu and Ketu.



All the nine planets are placed in a big square with three rows containing nine other squares for each planet. The first row contains 3 planets- Mercury(Left), Venus(Centre), Moon(Right). The second row contains another 3 planets namely Jupiter(left), Sun(Centre), Mars(Right). The third row has Lord Ketu(Left), Saturn(Centre) and Lord Rahu(right) as planets. Every planet has nine numbers(formula) assigned to it. Every planet has its own unique shape.

Instructions of using Navgraha Yantra:

  • Keep the Navgraha Yantra at a clean and sacred corner (worship place) especially facing east or north directions.
  • Pour holy water (water from Ganga river) onto the Yantra and pray with the incense sticks, light a lamp (Ghee) and offer sweets.
  • Pray the Yantra by chanting the following mantra:

"Om Suryai Namah, Chandrayai Namah, Budhayai Namah, Brihaspatiyai Namah, Mangalai Namah, Sukrai Namah, Saniyai Namah, Rahuve Namah, Ketuve Namah, Navgrahayai Namah "




           “Om Adityaya Somaya Mangalaya Budhayacha         

            Guru Sukra Sanibhyascha Rahave Ketave Namah”

  • The following Prayer (Stuti) can also be chanted while praying the Navgraha Yantra: “Aum brahmaa muraari streepuraantakaari, Bhaanuh Shashi Bhoomisutau buddhashca, Gurooshca Shukrah Shani Rahu Ketavah Sarve graha shaantikara bhavantu."

The meaning is “May Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar (Shiva) along with the 9 planets bless us with peace.” This is a general mantra and is associated with Lord Brahma who controls the nine planets. This mantra calls for him and the nine planets to remove the malefic effects of the nine planets. This mantra should be chanted minimum 7 times a day. 

Significance of Navgraha Yantra:

  1. It helps in reducing/removing the bad astrological effects of the mismatched planets in the horoscope of a person.
  2. This Yantra is the combination of all nine planets, so it benefits the person by strengthening his/her planetary position thereby increasing the quality of life.
  3. It bestows good luck and fortune on the worshipper.
  4. It brings positivity in the life of the worshipper.

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