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MEANING: Yagya is the holy offering to pray and please various deities which uses fire as the medium. Fire is one of the elements our body is composed of, so Yagya acts as a link between humans and God.

Yagya, Yagna, Puja

PROCESS OF PERFORMING YAGYA: Yagya/Havan should be performed by a qualified priest having good knowledge of Vedas. All the concerning Gods are first appeased with prayers and flowers and then a fire is lit in a Havan pot/Kund. After that continuous chanting of the verse or mantras is done by the Priest, followed by taking blessings from God and the Priest.


  • Vedas described Yagya/Yajna a tool to a happy and peaceful life.
  • It is one of the ways to appease and thank the Almighty for all his blessings.
  • Yagya leaves a great impact on our minds as the verse and Mantra chanted in the Yagya have mind calming powers.
  • Yagya wards of negativity from our mind, body, soul and atmosphere.
  • Yagya have a positive effect in resolving various financial, health, marital/ family and career/ job related problems.
  • They can be performed to seek blessings of God on various occasions like birthday, Anniversary, House warming, Mundan/ hair cutting ceremonies.
  • They even help to correct various home and star sign (Greh and Nakshatra) problems in the horoscope.
  • They are good to be performed all the year around.
  • It purifies the physical atmosphere of a person by killing all the insects and moths.

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