How to take care or clean Rudraksha?

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There are a lot of misconceptions floating around internet by so called “Pundits”. There are a few basic steps to take care of Rudraksha:

  1. Don’t soak it in water for more than 30 mins and dry it afterwards using soft cloth.
  2. Never soak it in milk or anything like that as it will damage the Rudraksha.
  3. Best way is to just run it through the tap of water for few seconds using your fingers to clean it. If it is too dirty use soft bristle toothbrush lightly.
  4. Dry the rudraksha.
  5. Apply a few drops of light oils like olive oil or a few drops of ghee and wipe it clean.
  6. Remove Rudraksha when taking the bath else soap and water etc will damage it.

Don’t fall in gimmicks of Baba’s and pandits and use your brains as it is a plant product.


Source: Rudraksha

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